Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Legalize Freedom!

The world’s going crazy don’t know what to do
That day is coming when the man comes for you
Can’t travel freely unless you’re undressed
They’ll frisk your children and leave you a mess

Legalize freedom that’s what’s to be done
Legalize freedom for ever-y-one
Legalize freedom for me and for you
Legalize freedom that’s the least we can do

Who you can marry is for them to choose
Would it be that hard if they were in your shoes
It doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg
If you’re a square hole that likes a round peg

Legalize freedom with less government
Legalize freedom with the people’s consent
Legalize freedom because that is our fate
We”ve got to legalize freedom before it’s too late!

To be a good citizen you have to have prove
Your health is covered you’re eating the right food
Can’t make too much because it’s just not fair
Bend over please, you’re hiding something up there.

Legalize freedom it’s not just a phrase
Legalize freedom it’s all the rage
Legalize freedom don’t stop till it’s done
Legalize freedom then let’s have some fun!

They’re passin laws that nobody’s read
To see what’s in it is what she said
Written by corp-or-ations with cash
That paid for access to take your stash

Legalize freedom this behavior’s insane
Legalize freedom put a stop to this reign
Legalize freedom make the people king
Legalize freedom and let freedom ring!

They’re spending money that we don’t have
Then printing more when those loans go bad
The taxpayer’s pockets are a bottomless pit
What they don’t take from you they’ll take from your kids

Legalize freedom I can’t take anymore
Legalize freedom show these bums the door
Legalize freedom take our country back
Legalize freedom let’s fire these hacks!

They tell us what to eat, do, and say
It’s for our own good we follow their way
If we’re lucky they might throw us a bone
When all that we want is to be left alone!

Legalize freedom enough is enough
Legalize freedom no more of your stuff
Legalize freedom or we’ll make you pay
Legalize freedom cause we like it that way!

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