Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love From Behind

Love From Behind

Now many times I fell in love with a woman that I saw

Maybe once it was her lips or her eyes that I loved more

Shapely legs have always been a way to catch my eye

But I couldn’t resist your keister when I saw you walk by

You were walking quickly and I was right behind

Of the sweetest sight I ever seen of the posterior kind

I followed you for blocks on end my eyes fixed of that sphere

The swaying motion of your hips rocked your derriere

I didn’t want to lose you though I didn’t have a plan

I only knew I needed, a way to get hold of that can

Love is never easy but it’s harder still I find

When you’re following a woman for love from behind

Finally I caught up to you and convinced you to date

I would pick you up that night at a quarter past eight

You told me to be sure to ring at your back door

I couldn’t believe what I heard, who could ask for more?

I watched as you turned, and walked away refined

I couldn’t believe I was fallin, in love from behind


Now many guys will tell you, how lovin left them bummed

And how many a woman’s wrecked em, curled up in a rump

But for me there’s nothing better, then a cushion with some heat

It’s a comfort to be pushin, from the backside of your seat!

We partied late into the night we danced and laughed and soon

I would get you back to your place where I’d stare at the moon

I’d whisper sweet words of love into both your ears

And convince you love is better when engaged in from the rear

You obliged by saying, front love is much maligned

It’s better when I can’t see you in love from behind

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